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What is Demeter Earth?

Demeter Earth is a direct-to-consumer community connecting local people directly with local food producers in order to provide fresher, healthier, and more affordable food.

Availability of Demeter Earth

At Demeter Earth, we are committed to expanding our reach and connecting local food producers with consumers across the nation and beyond! While our initial launch is planned for California, we have ambitious plans to expand our services to other states as well. Our goal is to be available nationwide wherever state laws permit.

Below is a link to every state's page with their rules and regulations. The ones marked with an asterisk(*) allow the sale of food online:

















District of Columbia










































*New Hampshire*


New Jersey


New Mexico


*New York*


*North Carolina*


North Dakota










Rhode Island


South Carolina


*South Dakota*














*West Virginia*





Is Demeter Earth the right choice for you?

If you are a local food producer seeking a direct connection with your community and the opportunity to offer your products without relying on expensive distributors and wholesalers, Demeter Earth is the perfect platform for you.

Joining the Demeter Earth Ecosystem

Ready to be part of the Demeter Earth community and connect with local food producers and consumers? Join our waitlist by clicking here. By signing up, you will be among the first to receive updates and notifications about the official launch of our app.

The Ecosystem

What is the Ecosystem?

The Ecosystem is at the heart of Demeter Earth, serving as our innovative and user-friendly digital marketplace platform. It is designed to connect local food producers directly with consumers, fostering a vibrant community of individuals who value fresh, locally sourced food.

How does it work? 

With Demeter Earth, customers have the convenience of easily browsing and selecting their desired food items based on proximity, specific products, or even their favorite food producers. Depending on the order quantity and availability, customers can receive their orders from one seller or multiple sellers in their area. We offer the flexibility of either arranging a convenient pickup location or providing doorstep delivery for a seamless and personalized experience.

How is product quality controlled?

Customers can rate and review sellers after each purchase.

Is there a cost to join or membership required?

There is no cost to join or membership required.

What is a Community Purchase?

A Community Purchase is a unique opportunity for individuals to come together and enjoy exclusive discounts on select items. By forming a group with friends, family, or even strangers, you can unlock substantial savings that wouldn't be possible when purchasing individually.

Here's how it works: When a seller designates an item as a Community Purchase, it becomes eligible for this special discount. The buyer who initiates the Community Purchase has 24 hours to gather a minimum of 10 participants. The more people who join, the bigger the discount becomes.

Once the required number of participants is reached within the given time frame, all individuals involved in the Community Purchase receive the discounted price. As an added bonus, the person who initiated the Community Purchase receives their order for free as a token of appreciation for bringing the community together.

Join a Community Purchase on Demeter Earth to enjoy remarkable savings, foster a sense of community, and discover exciting products. Start leveraging the power of collective buying and experience a whole new way of shopping!

Are coupons or discount codes available?

Absolutely! At Demeter Earth, we offer various ways for you to save and enjoy discounts on your purchases. You can earn reward points by checking in daily, participate in Community Purchase to unlock exclusive discounts by gathering a group, and receive discounts for leaving reviews on past purchases. Take advantage of these opportunities to maximize your savings and enhance your shopping experience. Stay tuned for new promotions and discounts regularly offered to our valued customers. Happy shopping at Demeter Earth!

What is a Seller Review Discount?

Customers can receive discounts on items for writing seller reviews.

Can I receive reward points for logging in multiple times per day?

Unfortunately, reward points are only granted for logging in once per day. We encourage you to log in daily to make the most of your rewards and stay up-to-date with the latest offers and promotions. Remember to check back each day for new opportunities to earn points and enjoy exclusive benefits.

What kind of support is available?

Please email for all support inquiries.

How do I receive my items?

At Demeter Earth, you have the flexibility to choose between pickup or delivery options for receiving your items. Once you've made a purchase, you can coordinate with the seller to arrange the most convenient method for you. Whether you prefer to pick up your order directly from the seller's location or have it delivered to your doorstep, the choice is yours. Our platform facilitates seamless communication and coordination between buyers and sellers, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience for receiving your items.

What forms of payment do you accept? Do you accept EBT or SNAP?

We accept debit card, credit card, PayPal and in the near future even crypto.

The Demeter Earth Ecosystem does not currently process SNAP, but you can specify SNAP as a method of payment if the seller accepts it offline or in person.


Who can be a seller in the Ecosystem?


The Ecosystem is open to a diverse range of individuals and businesses that contribute to local food production and sustainable agriculture. Whether you are a local farmer, urban farmer, community gardener, market gardener, apiarist, worm farmer, or even operate a compost hub, you can join as a seller on Demeter Earth. Our platform welcomes anyone involved in food production or offering sustainable soil amendments. We believe in supporting and promoting a wide variety of local producers, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community of sellers within the Ecosystem.

What foods can be sold in the Ecosystem?

In the Ecosystem, we prioritize offering fresh and locally sourced food to our users. Our platform allows for the sale of a wide range of wholesome and unprocessed food items. This includes whole uncut fresh produce, a variety of herbs bursting with flavor, unrefrigerated shell eggs straight from the farm, unshelled nuts that are rich in nutrients, and pure, natural honey produced by local apiarists. By focusing on these types of food products, we ensure that our users have access to the highest quality ingredients that promote health, sustainability, and support local agriculture.

Can non-food items be sold/purchased in the Ecosystem?

While our primary focus is on connecting local food producers with consumers, we also recognize the importance of supporting sustainable practices and providing a holistic platform for our users. In addition to a wide variety of fresh and locally sourced food, the Ecosystem allows for the sale and purchase of certain non-food items that are closely related to sustainable agriculture and gardening. This includes organic soil amendments such as compost, vermicompost, compost tea, composting materials, worms, biochar, mulch, and even eggshells. Furthermore, we welcome sellers who offer hemp products, hay/straw, and services related to organic gardening and landscaping. By incorporating these items and services, we aim to provide a comprehensive platform that supports all aspects of sustainable living and agriculture within our community.

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